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Dutch national symposium

14 March 2014

Wrapping up the Dutch (inter)national symposium on scientific and medical illustration here in Arnhem last 22nd of november.

A succesful day with likeminded colleagues and friends.

Four talks on varied subjects:
-‘Illustrating a spectrum of treatment strategies for hypoplastic left heart syndrome.‘, thesis presentation. (Stephanie Philippaerts)
-‘From storyboard to publication of a science animation.’, case file. (Maartje Kunen)
-‘Aanaplasthology, state of the art.’ (Maarten de Maarten de Jong)
-‘How to lift the veil.’ A practical model to categorize data visualizations. Using this model, Jan Willem will show some examples of his work, and how different design decisions are made. (Jan Willem Tulp)

Ending the day with a few drinks, good laughs, new ideas and inspirations.

About to finish a report on the day, with a financial overview, to give to the next organiser.
Already looking forward to a new edition!