Showing what is concealed within the data.

    How often did people work together in a team?
    A matrix with these data is not intuitive to read.
    The visual shows the data in an apealing and interactive way!

    What’s your goal? An interactive visual that invites exploration or a fixed image presenting a conclusion?
    Would you like to draw attention and make an impact or is it all about the content?


    I have an eye for detail

    What I do

    and I'm proud of it

    The unique combination of medical knowledge and the talent for detailed drawings result in clear images.

    creative and at home in science and the medical industry


    more than a thousand words

    Meeting and consultation

    Together we will determine how the illustrations or animations can be used most effectively.

    You’ll reach the desired effect.

    Choice of technology number and size of illustrations play a role here.


    Paper is patient and a pencil is often the fastest way to a first image. Big lines will be put in place. If necessary they can be moved easily.


    Depending on the technique, brushes are loaded with paint or the modern techniques will be put to work to achieve beautifully detailed illustrations.

    Statisfied customers

    Delivery of the artwork. This can be done in a variety of media, digital or traditional. This way I always make sure that a satisfied customer and therefore a satisfied medical illustrator.


    A modern craftsman

    Passionate & accurate

    Erik Crins Medicall illustrator

    Medicall Scientific Illustrator

    Medisch tekenaar
    The most important thing

    customer references

    What they say about me.

    Let me surprise and amaze you.


    Inside Out Illustrations, Utrechtseweg 310, gebouw B46, Arnhem - 06-24602898 -

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      What has happened....
      1. Part of a scientific illustration. A schematic overview of the early embryonic development of Siamese twins. The article is being reviewed at the time. Soon I’ll reveal parts of the process. It was fun to see the development from the initial idea to the final result. Solid reviewing got me […]

      2. hand

        Last februari I got to talk about my passion again. Medicine students of the Radboud University in Nijmegen asked about improving their articles with better illustrations. I gave them some homework in advance and guided them in a practical way. They had some funny and challenging questions.

      3. On thursday februari first I get to present my passion and my work as medical illustrator. History, my path to where I am now and a few assignments will be highlighted. I’m looking forward to the response, the other speakers and new connections.

      4. Always a nice event to have work on display. This time in Nijmegen at the SGN. They want to keep it for an extra week!

      5. The flu is beaten! Off to a flying start in 2017. A new animation is in the making and two new commissions for a plastic surgeon. Inside out Illustrations wishes you all the stars in the galaxy and beyond for 2017!

      6. Copic Car

        Full throttle isn’t always the best choice to have best performance. Testing new skills to broaden my horizon. I challenged myself to loosen my sketch muscles for half an hour and create this quick car design. Pen and ink markers on paper

      7. 3D medical device

        The medical world is innovating continuesly. To market a new device efectively I made a 3D visual in the early stage of development. Communicating form and function was the goal. At the moment I’ll keep the result under the hood.