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Alwatys a nice event to have work on display. This time in Nijmegen at the SGN. They want to keep it for an extra week!

Stellar start of 2017

The flu is beaten! Off to a flying start in 2017. A new animation is in the making and two new commissions for a plastic […]

Time for a break

Copic Car

Full throttle isn’t always the best choice to have best performance. Testing new skills broadens my horizon. I challenged myself to loosen my sketch muscles […]

A new challenge in 3D

3D medical device

The medical world is innovating cintinuesly. To market a new device efectively I made a 3D visual in the early stage of development. Communicating form […]

Illustrations for patient leaflets from Podozorg Nederland


The result of close collaboration. Close to the end of this year I got the complete line of leaflets from Podozorg Nederland in my mailbox. […]

poster of high tech medical equipment by DPP

technical illustration poster

Micropultrusion on a big cavas. In the design/concept phase of a medical poster for ‘Van Dijk Pultrusion Products’ (DPP). Micro pultrusion of composite materials with […]

Foot and ankle problems

Creating new illustrations for the site of Bella van Dalen about her unique treatment for Morton’s neuroma. Entrapment and thickening of the nerve under metatarsal […]

Dutch national symposium

Moderns ambacht

Wrapping up the Dutch (inter)national symposium on scientific and medical illustration here in Arnhem last 22nd of november. A succesful day with likeminded colleagues and […]